DFW Airport Transportation? Use Super Shuttle! It’s Amazing!

Super Shuttle Pickup Location DFW

So recently our family all made a trip down to Dallas/Ft Worth to help celebrate my grandmothers 90th birthday.  Because of my work schedule and my wife wanting to see some sites earlier in the week, we decided to travel separately.  Which was fine until I lost my ride from the airport due to a…

2004 – 2009 Gen II Prius Heat Shield Mounts over Muffler |Rattle

Gen II Prius Muffler Heat Shield

So over the winter my heat shield on my 2006 Prius mounted over my muffler started, rattling, a lot.  It got the point, where I was embarrassed to have my good ‘ol Pri idling in traffic.  Yes it was that loud. Out of frustration I finally crawled under the rear bumper, with the hopes of…

How to diagnose the condition of your Prius hybrid battery

Prius Bad Battery P0A80

Back in 2012 I purchased a well used  Gen II Prius.  It was a high mileage 2006 with about 1 year of service history missing.  So, you could say it was a bit of a gamble. Last weekend I received the dreaded P0A80 error code, while at the same time my entire dash was illuminated with…