Another waste of 1’s and 0’s

OK so I know you are wondering, what’s up with the 1’s and 0’s (one’s and zero’s) line in your logo??  Well when wordpress prompted me for a tagline when I was setting up this site, it was the first thing that I thought of and it stuck.

Now your thinking, ok but what does it mean??

Well as you may or may not know, I am kind of into computers.  And enjoyed many of the early hacking and computer related movies, like Hackers, Tron, War Games, and even the more recent The Italian Job or Live Free or Die Hard.  So if you are familiar with these movies you may be familiar with another starring Robert Redford named Sneakers.  In the movie Cosmo (Ben Kingsley) says something that has stuck with me for years “The world is not run by weapons anymore or energy or money it’s run by little 1’s and 0’s little bits of data. It’s all just electrons”.

Now your thinking so? – Well it’s not completely accurate, but is accurate to some degree.  Everything man-made now-a-days, has an electrical component tied to it, whether in its use or creation, and even some things that aren’t man-made.

So there it is.  Check out the clip of the scene below.

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