Fridigaire Front Load Washer, Won’t Final Spin

So a couple weeks (or maybe a month) ago, I posted an article about the fun I have had with home appliances, and the resulting repairs.

Well the fun continues

Over the weekend, the wife was out of town, so I was busy running around getting items off my honey-do list as well as any other projects that have been neglected.  A couple weeks ago I found that our downstairs toilet had a slow leak, so I ran over to Menards and got a new Hydro Clean fill kit.  This is what I attacked on Sunday, although the installation went pretty smooth, there was some water that found its way to the floor and as a result I had a handful of soggy towels that need to be washed.

So after I finished up the project I threw the towels as well as the other rags ready to be cleaned in the wash.  45 minutes later I remembered the towels that need to go into the dryer, as the wash cycle had completed.  I go to pull the towels out and find them a little wetter than I expected.  Finding that the washer was on low spin, I thought this was the reason placed the washer onto medium speed, then had it run through the drain/spin cycle.

Now if you read the other article I wrote, this is the same issue I had about 6mos ago.  So I found myself gravitating to all the research I had done then.  After locating and reading it, I went to check on the washer, and yup, no final high speed spin!  So I proceeded to go into diagnostic mode and found, yes the final spin does work but not when it should.  So when I performed the repair before, there were two parts that could have caused the issue, and since I already replaced one, I decided to head over to and go ahead and purchase the other one.  The main reason being, they offer some great videos to aid with the installation as well a 365 day return policy!!  So if this part does not fix it, I will just have to return it and get the controller board (or maybe just a new washer).

The part is on track to be delivered today, so I’ll update this article later tonight or tomorrow, with the results.

UPDATE [2013-07-10]:  The installation of the new part took less than 10 minutes, and now my washer is up and running!

Make: Frigidaire
Model: Unknown (rubbed off)
Age: 8-10 years (I think)

Item #: 1531974
Door or Lid Latch Assembly
Manufacturer #:  131763202