Gen II Prius Muffler Heat Shield

2004 – 2009 Gen II Prius Heat Shield Mounts over Muffler | Rattle

So over the winter my heat shield on my 2006 Prius mounted over my muffler started, rattling, a lot.  It got to the point, where I was embarrassed to have my good ‘ol Pri idling in traffic.  Yes it was that loud.

Out of frustration I finally crawled under the rear bumper, with the hopes of removing, it completely.  And I was successful.

While trying to troubleshoot the rattling and why, I look everywhere online with the hopes I could re-attach, whatever was loose and keep it in place.  Unfortunately, I could not find a good picture of the heat shield, either mounted or removed.  So after I got it off, I took shot pictures below, so if you’re like me and get the courage to crawl under there and take a peek, you’ll have a much better idea as to what you are dealing with.

Update: I have edited the pics I have taken to detail where I believe the screws are located, see below.

Prius Muffler Rattle & Bolt Locations
Prius Muffler Rattle & Bolt Locations