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WeatherTech Floor Liner Mats and TechCare Cleaner

WeatherTech TechCar Floor Liner Cleaner

So after we got back from China at the end of 2013, and Chicago was still getting slammed with cold and snowy weather.  I finally decided to pull the trigger on the WeatherTech floor mats, that I have been eyeballing for my Prius.  Although I should have, I did not spend the extra for the DigitalFit,…

+++ Allstate Drive Wise: My Thoughts and Opinions on Driving Safe

Allstate Drive Wise

So about a month ago we decided to switch back to Allstate for our auto insurance needs, as the projected price savings was substantial!  I then discover that this price savings comes with a bit a of a catch, we will need to connect a Drive Wise device to 3 of the 4 cars, which…

Subwoofer install on my 2006 Toyota Prius

Prius Battery Backup for Your Home

Although the base sound system in the Toyota Prius isn’t horrible, it isn’t great either.  With 5-1/4″ speakers in the front doors and the same in the rear, the mids and highs are good but the bass is sub-par to say the least.  While upgrading the door speakers is always an option, I didn’t feel…