Scrabble Wii [RVHP41]

Scrabble Wii [RVHP41]Choose from Traditional or Duplicate Scrabble (using the Scrabble competition mode)

• Play fun mini-games like Scrabble Hold’Em (challenge your opponents as best you can) and earn new items.

• Play as one player to learn and challenge yourself. Follow the game, challenge your opponents and find all the words to open the mysterious board “Babel Scrying.

* Multiplayer: Play Scrabble with a friend, family or online opponents. Scrabble 2009 on Wii gives you the opportunity to play up to 4 players so you can compete against your players and family through a lot of mini games and of course the classic game Scrabble.

* Play soccer with Scrabble! You can play with the letters horizontally and vertically as balls and players. Form the best word with the letters you have chosen at random. Throw the most difficult words against your opponent’s goal and not get any goal in your goal.

* Wii Balance board: You can play a unique minigame using the Wii Balance Board!

Source: dolphin-emu/gametdb

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Scrabble Wii [RVHP41] (01 of 01)
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