Allstate Drive Wise – 3 Months of Data and My Discount

Drive Wise Data

A couple of months ago, I wrote an article about the Drive Wise program from Allstate, making speculations about how it could be used.  Well now I have some data and I am going to show it to you.

The Allstate Drive Wise program offers drivers the chance to get extra discounts based on their driving habits and as I have used this device on three cars, I am able to produce some very interesting information.

Since Carbonite Discontinued Mobile Backup, What Can I Use Now?

Since Carbonite Discontinued Mobile Backup, What Can I Use Now?

Late last year, around the time of the announcement of Apple’s new iPhone 5S, Carbonite quietly pushed an update down for there mobile app.  This update removed the ability to backup images and video via the Carbonite app, for iPhone devices only!  This not only upset me but has upset many others as well, with…

+++ Allstate Drive Wise: My Thoughts and Opinions on Driving Safe

Allstate Drive Wise

So about a month ago we decided to switch back to Allstate for our auto insurance needs, as the projected price savings was substantial!  I then discover that this price savings comes with a bit a of a catch, we will need to connect a Drive Wise device to 3 of the 4 cars, which will monitor our driving habits!  This program is called Allstate Drive Wise.