WeatherTech TechCar Floor Liner Cleaner

WeatherTech Floor Liner Mats and TechCare Cleaner

So after we got back from China at the end of 2013, and Chicago was still getting slammed with cold and snowy weather.  I finally decided to pull the trigger on the WeatherTech floor mats, that I have been eyeballing for my Prius.  Although I should have, I did not spend the extra for the DigitalFit, and I really should have.  Instead I purchased the all-weather floor mats.  These mats are appear to be designed like all the other discount universal floor mats that you can find at your local retailer. But these are a bit different, not only are they cut specifically for your vehicle, they also carry a lifetime warranty!

So a couple weeks ago we finally got a +60°F day, so I decided to pull out my WeatherTech mats as well as my wife’s mats from her truck and give them a thorough cleaning, for spring storage.  Which usually follows the following well-known lather, rinse repeat- method of cleaning.

After getting them all cleaned up I noticed a dark spot on my 3 month old WeatherTech mats, and I’m like really?  I just spent over $100 on these amazing  mats and they are already stained?  So I did what any normal person would do, I cleaned them again…

Still didn’t work!

So I sent an email to WeatherTech, not really complaining, but sort of.  There reply was that I should purchase their TechCare Cleaner, and after a little negotiating, it appeared at my door, with very little cost to me!

So last night, I decided to give this “magical” cleaner!  Each step below follows the instruction process, detailed on the bottle.  All of which took less than 10 minutes.

This is how they looked after the cleaning, all in all good shape but you’ll notice the stain in the middle.



Step 1.  Clean and rinse. Check.

Step 2.  Spray the mats.


Spray the liner

Step 3. Scrub the Mats

Scrub the Mats

Step 4. Rinse, well I repeated the scrub Step 3 as the stain what still there, see image.

Scrub again
Scrub again

Step 5.  Now Rinse.

All done.

So all in all I am still happy with my WeatherTech floor mats, but at this point, only time will tell.  I know you’re thinking.
“These are winter mats, they are designed to get dirty so you’re car doesn’t!”
While I agree with this, my wife’s OEM floor mats, actual sparkle after spring cleanings, and they are abused by two whipper snappers and a dog, plus a couple years old, not months!

Do you have WeatherTech floor mats?  What are your thoughts?  Are they worth the money?