10 Best Soundbars For Your TV 2023

Soundbars are an essential addition to modern home entertainment systems, primarily because they offer a significant improvement in audio quality over standard TV speakers. They provide clearer dialogue and more detailed sound effects, enhancing the overall viewing experience. Many soundbars come equipped with technologies like simulated surround sound, adding an immersive quality to movies and TV shows. Their sleek, compact design is space-saving and aesthetically pleasing, fitting well in contemporary living spaces.

Ease of use is another key benefit of soundbars. Most models feature simple, plug-and-play setup and user-friendly controls, often including remote operation. Advanced options include Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity, allowing for streaming from various devices, making the soundbar a versatile audio system. Additionally, soundbars with features like separate subwoofers or Dolby Atmos technology cater to specific needs, from deep bass for action movies and gaming to sophisticated surround sound for a home theater experience.

In summary, soundbars are a valuable investment for anyone looking to enhance their TV’s audio performance. With options ranging from basic models to high-end soundbars with smart features and advanced audio technologies, they offer a blend of improved sound quality, convenience, and versatility, suitable for a variety of entertainment needs and preferences.

Sound Bar, 50W Sound Bars for TV, Separable Soundbar 32 inch:
Price: $69.99 / $129.99
Rating:  4.9 (172 ratings)

The Assistrust Sound Bar stands out in the affordable soundbar market, priced at a deal of $69.99. Its 50W output, coupled with the latest Bluetooth 5.0 technology, ensures clear sound quality. The soundbar’s versatility is notable, with HDMI-ARC, Optical, and AUX connections. It’s perfect for those looking for an economical, yet functional, sound enhancement for their TV. However, audiophiles might find its audio depth lacking compared to more premium models.

Nylavee Sound Bars with Subwoofer (100 Watts, Bluetooth 2.1)
Price: $109.59 / $129.99
Rating: 4.8 (148 ratings)

The Nylavee Sound Bar, priced at $109.59, is an excellent choice for deep bass enthusiasts. Its 100 Watts output and included subwoofer enhance home audio experience significantly. Despite its compact 16-inch size, it packs a punch with HDMI-ARC, Coaxial, AUX, and USB connectivity. Ideal for those seeking a powerful sound experience without consuming too much space. However, its Bluetooth 2.1 might be less appealing for users looking for the latest technology.

MZEIBO Sound Bars for TV (Bluetooth, 50W)
Price: $59.99 / $129.99
Rating: 4.8 (140 ratings)

At an attractive price of $59.99, the MZEIBO Sound Bar is a wallet-friendly audio upgrade for your TV. This 50W soundbar features four drivers for enhanced clarity and a handy remote control. Its variety of connections, including HDMI (ARC), Optical, and AUX, make it a versatile choice. It’s an ideal pick for those who want an affordable yet effective soundbar, although it may not satisfy users looking for premium sound quality.

Sound Bar for TV with Subwoofer (31.5″ 2.1 CH, Bluetooth 5.0)
Price: $99.99 
Rating: 4.7 (73 ratings)
Priced at $99.99, this 31.5-inch sound bar with a subwoofer offers an immersive 3D surround sound experience. Featuring Bluetooth 5.0 for easy pairing, and various input options like HDMI, Optical, Aux, and USB, it’s great for a home theater setup. While its size may be large for smaller spaces, this soundbar is perfect for movie buffs and gamers seeking a rich audio experience.

Sonos Beam – Smart TV Sound Bar with Amazon Alexa (Black)
Price: $479.00
Rating:  4.6 (4,268 ratings)

The Sonos Beam, available at $479.00, is a high-end smart TV soundbar with Amazon Alexa built-in. Known for its superior sound quality and smart features, it’s a favorite among tech enthusiasts. This soundbar is ideal for those who prioritize sound quality and smart home integration, though its higher price point may be a consideration for budget-conscious buyers.

Roku Streambar Pro & Full Surround Sound Set
Price: $652.97 / $659.96
Rating: 4.6 (2,631 ratings)
The Roku Streambar Pro, priced at $652.97, is a comprehensive audio and streaming solution. It combines a 4K HDR streaming device with a cinematic soundbar, wireless TV speakers, and a subwoofer. This all-in-one package is ideal for users seeking an integrated streaming and audio experience. The enhanced Roku voice remote adds convenience, making it a great choice for a smart home setup. However, the comprehensive nature of this set might be more than what a casual user needs, and its higher price reflects its all-encompassing features.

SAMSUNG HW-T550 2.1ch Soundbar with Dolby Audio / DTS Virtual:X (2020)
Price: $199.95
Rating: 4.6 (2,306 ratings)
The SAMSUNG HW-T550, available for $199.95, is a robust 2.1 channel soundbar enhanced with Dolby Audio and DTS Virtual:X technologies. It offers an immersive audio experience, making it a great addition to any home theater setup. The soundbar’s advanced audio technology provides a cinematic sound experience, ideal for movie enthusiasts. However, those with a smaller living space or a more modest budget might find it a bit too advanced and expensive for their needs.

Sonos Arc – The Premium Smart Soundbar
Price: $827.50 / $899.00
Rating:  4.6 (1,221 ratings)
Priced at $827.50, the Sonos Arc is a premium smart soundbar offering exceptional sound quality and smart capabilities. It’s perfect for enhancing TV, movies, music, and gaming experiences. Its compatibility with multi-room music systems makes it a versatile choice for audiophiles. While its superior sound quality is a major plus, the Sonos Arc’s high price tag might be a deterrent for those on a tighter budget.

Sonos Beam – Smart TV Sound Bar with Amazon Alexa (White)
Price:  $499.95
Rating: 4.6 (767 ratings)
The white variant of the Sonos Beam, priced at $499.95, is a compact yet powerful smart soundbar with Amazon Alexa built-in. It’s ideal for those looking for a high-quality sound experience without consuming too much space. The smart features and elegant design make it a great addition to modern homes. However, its premium price may not suit all budgets, especially for those looking for a simple sound solution.

SAMSUNG HW-LST70T 3.0ch The Terrace Outdoor Soundbar
Price:  $1,197.99
Rating: 4.7 (51 ratings)
The SAMSUNG HW-LST70T, priced at $1,197.99, is a specialized outdoor soundbar offering a weather-resistant design and built-in subwoofer. Its unique distortion cancelling technology ensures clear audio outdoors. This soundbar is ideal for outdoor entertainment spaces, offering durable construction and high-quality sound. However, its specialized outdoor functionality and high price point make it a niche product not suited for general indoor use.

Each of these soundbars has distinct features that cater to a variety of consumer needs, from all-in-one streaming solutions to outdoor audio setups. They provide a range of options for those looking to enhance their audio experience in different environments and setups.

*All pricing and ratings are current as of November 2023