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Mumford and Sons – New album Babel live tracks! Hopeless Wanderer (Live)! Bonnaroo

Mumford and Sons released Babel today in the US, and while all the tracks are “new” some aren’t.  See a live rendition of Hopeless Wanderer below, which is a great song.  One of many I have listened to, many times.  

Download | Mad Money: Cramer’s Entire Soundboard – Audio Clips

    Here ya go folks!  Cramer’s entire soundboard. All files are labeled just as they are on his board and in wav format. [Update]  I have added all the files individual sound effects separately.

How to remove the roof rack -cross rails- from the 2012 Chevrolet Traverse

How to remove the cross rails on the Chevy Traverse, which increase aerodynamics and increase gas mileage. Yes it’s a small change, but every little bit counts. Filmed with: Canon T1i, 720p @29.97fps Edited with: Adobe Premiere Pro