What is P&G, or Pulse and glide or P and G?

So while on my favorite hyper-miler Forum, I realized I had a problem. While my CITY MPG’s were decent I was loosing a lot of my trip and tank average on all my highway driving.

Yea I know HWY driving should be better, right? Well that all depends on traffic and your velocity, sorry speed. My drive is not bad, while the 30 mile trek is long,

Mumford and Sons – New album Babel live tracks! Hopeless Wanderer (Live)! Bonnaroo

Mumford and Sons released Babel today in the US, and while all the tracks are “new” some aren’t.  See a live rendition of Hopeless Wanderer below, which is a great song.  One of many I have listened to, many times.  

Download | Mad Money: Cramer’s Entire Soundboard – Audio Clips


Mad Money Jim Cramer


Here ya go folks!  Cramer’s entire soundboard.

All files are labeled just as they are on his board and in wav format.

[Update]  I have added all the files individual sound effects separately.