[UPDATE] Mirror Delete – Camera and Screen have been installed!

Amazingly enough, I found time on Father’s Day to get this system installed.  If you haven’t seen the complete mirror delete photos, check em out.

So I was intending to make a how to on my design, but I have yet to find time to take pictures 🙁

My Current 1996 Honda Civic EX MPG mods, why they were done and the costs!

So I know I have written some posts about random things I have done or plan on doing to my 1996 Honda Civic, physically to get better gas mileage.  But never all at once.  So I have decided to write a complete post with all my mods with images along with the reasons behind them.

How to Improve your Fuel Economy: 10 Simple and Proven Ways to Get Better Gas Mileage

So with gas prices on the rise, everyone is looking for easy ways to use less gas and reduce your trips to the gas station; saving your hard earned dough.  While I am not an expert, I have found many ways but here are 10 simple and proven ways to use less gas.  If you are interested in my gas-capades check out my story as it unfolds.