Mirror Delete: Replace with camera and LCD

So after a couple weeks of debating, I made the decision to (attempt) to remove my passenger mirror and replace it with a rear view wide angle night vision camera and a 3.5″ LCD monitor.

I picked up this:

Rear view camera - Passenger mirror delete


And this:

Rear view camera - Passenger mirror delete






I am looking for ideas on how to fill the space left by the missing mirror while incorporating the camera. Feel free to leave comments here or become a member at ecomodder.com and comment on my post there.

Below are images of what I have to work with.





Mirror Front

Mirror Rear


Mirror rear top


Inside Mirror Installed


Inside Mirror Removed


Outside Mirror Removed Rear


Outside Mirror Removed Front


Outside Mirror Removed


Mirror Inner
Mirror Inner CloseMirror Gasket RemovedGasket Mirror Removed InsideGasket Mirror Removed Outside

And here is a follow-up post after getting the camera and screen installed with video.