Camera has arrived and more!

So the camera arrived today, quicker than I expected.  But initially I am happy with the design.  I was worried about where the wires exited, as the eBay listing did not show them. As you can see they come out of the mount, ideal for my use.


So I was then prompted to design an “easy” mounting system, for when the screen comes.  I had already made a template, so I cut some coroplast, checked the fit, painted and attached with some silicone, I will remove the tape after it cures.



And also due to lack of Internet connection last night and nothing to watch (how I relax!) I finally attached my lower 20/10/70 air dam.


And another angle:


You can also see my “edging” lip in this image, cost $10 for 20ft.  This will help reduce the amount of air going under my vehicle which is extremely “dirty.”

I have also cut and painted some hub cap hole covers.  I need 12 total for the front wheels, leaving one open for filling the tire.








The rear openings, although I am hesitant (because of the looks) will be covered some time soon.  Something like on the Honda Insight.  Below I am just doing a fit for where to attach without scraping the tire.








Fuel pump shut off switch coming (hopefully) in my next post.  I installed already and works well just need to take some pics.

As always comments are welcome, so don’t hesitate.