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How to Diagnose the Health Prius Hybrid Battery

Prius Bad Battery P0A80

Back in 2012 I purchased a well used  Gen II Prius.  It was a high mileage 2006 with about 1 year of service history missing.  So, you could say it was a bit of a gamble. Last weekend I received the dreaded P0A80 error code, while at the same time my entire dash was illuminated with…

Allstate Drive Wise – 3 Months of Data and My Discount

Drive Wise Data

A couple of months ago, I wrote an article about the Drive Wise program from Allstate, making speculations about how it could be used.  Well now I have some data and I am going to show it to you. The Allstate Drive Wise program offers drivers the chance to get extra discounts based on their driving…

Subwoofer install on my 2006 Toyota Prius

Prius Battery Backup for Your Home

Although the base sound system in the Toyota Prius isn’t horrible, it isn’t great either. ¬†With 5-1/4″ speakers in the front doors and the same in the rear, the mids and highs are good but the bass is sub-par to say the least. ¬†While upgrading the door speakers is always an option, I didn’t feel…