How to Improve your Fuel Economy: 10 Simple and Proven Ways to Get Better Gas Mileage

So with gas prices on the rise, everyone is looking for easy ways to use less gas and reduce your trips to the gas station; saving your hard earned dough.  While I am not an expert, I have found many ways but here are 10 simple and proven ways to use less gas.  If you are interested in my gas-capades check out my story as it unfolds.

Now, what you don’t want to do.  If you tend to be more extreme, the biggest mistake you can make is, spending money to save money.  Do some math and attempt to find the how long the cost of the item you are purchasing will take to pay off based on the fuel economy savings. So your basic cost vs savings…

10 Simple and Proven Ways to Get Better Gas Mileage

1. Easiet one here!  Drive Less!
Walk, ride a bike, take a bus or a train. Saving money on gas is easy when you are not using it!

2. Coast and ease off the gas
When you can, coast.  Your cars momentum is your best friend.  You’ve already used all that gas getting up to speed, don’t use more by braking late or as it seems more popular, slamming on your brakes.  You may not know this but by easing off the gas just a bit you can maintain speed while using less gas.

3.  Don’t brake
Easy, easy.  This goes hand in hand with number 1 above.

4.  Go on a diet
If you are obese this doesn’t refer to your car.  But in your case both will help your fuel economy.  Take all the stuff out of your car that you don’t need, regularly. Empty your truck, remove the junk behind the back seat, etc.

5.  Lose the roof rack
A vehicle’s aerodynamics is a key attribute in contributing to your fuel economy. Removing your roof rack is a simple way to glide through the air.

6.  It’s not a Race!
This is one of the most simple things that I can think of, and that I have changed in order to increase my gas mileage.  But keep in mind slower in high gears is not always better. If you’re going 30mph in fifth gear , it is not helping, as you actually use more fuel.

6.5 Don’t drive thru
Sure it may help you lose weight, but idling is your enemy, avoid it all costs.  See 6.6.

6.6 Don’t Use Remote Start
Wanna burn a lot of fuel, sit in or out of your car without moving

OK I know I advertised 10 Simple ways, well I lied, 7 through 10, are not so simple.  These range from moderate to extreme, but money is money, right?

Check out what I have done to increase my fuel economy.

7. Do all of the above and GO diesel OR Do none of the above and go ELECTRIC!
If you are ready for a new car.  Considering looking at one that has good fuel economy.  You’d be surprised what you can find. From Volkswagen and Audi’s TDI lines, the ever so popular Prius, and even the newest Tesla Motors car, sedan or SUV soon to be available.

8. MAKE your vehicle more aerodynamic.
While this may seem simple, if you drive a Jeep Wrangler (as I do, in the winter), move on to number 8.  For others this expands on number 4, remove your windshield wipers, remove or fold in your side mirrors and even block off your front air dams or boat tail your back end, check out this Honda Civic CX Hatchback that boasts more than 90MPG!

9. Purchase more fuel efficient tires
As the cost of tires can get quite expensive this should only be done if you NEED new tires.  LRR or low roll resistance tires are a new enhancement that many car manufacturers are adding at the factory to increase the MPG numbers.

10.  Turn off your gas (money) eating machine
Over time you’ll know, or already do, your route.  With that you’ll know what lights take the longest.  If you are sitting a light for more than 3 minutes, shut off your car, when you get there.  Like I said you’ll learn this over time.

Well there you have it!  10 Simple and Proven Ways to Get Better Gas Mileage.

Do you have any more ideas?  Let us know, if they are good/proven, I will happily add them, to my list with credit!