Engine Off Coasting (EOC) – What is it, when to do it and when not to!

Engine off coasting refers to a method used by “hypermiliers” to increase there miles per gallon (MPG) by shutting off the car while rolling.  Basically let the miles spin while the car is off.

Camera has arrived and more!

So the camera arrived today, quicker than I expected.  But initially I am happy with the design.  I was worried about where the wires exited, as the eBay listing did not show them. As you can see they come out of the mount, ideal for my use.

Mirror Delete: Replace with camera and LCD

So after a couple weeks of debating, I made the decision to (attempt) to remove my passenger mirror and replace it with a rear view wide angle night vision camera and a 3.5″ LCD monitor.

I picked up this:

Rear view camera - Passenger mirror delete