HOW TO: Carbonite Discontinue Mobile Photo and Video FIX

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If you were hit with the latest Carbonite app update and now are unable to backup your iPhone or iDevice, this is how to get that functionality back!

Carbonite: “We have discontinued the mobile photo and video backup feature for iOS devices

NOTE: I heard of some issues using my copy of Carbonite app, with signing and Apple.  If you can, try and retrieve the old copy that goes into your recycle bin / trash, when you sync.  If you are unable to use your copy, try to install mine with iFunBox without using iTunes, this has not been confirmed, but worth a try. – Dave

Update 1:  I have confirmed installing my copy on your phone will not work as it is associated my Apple ID.  I recommend using this app as an alternative.

HOW TO: Carbonite Discontinue Mobile Photo and Video Fix

1. Download the older version of Carbonite at the bottom.  Save it to your desktop so it can be located for use in step 6 below.  

2. Delete Carbonite 3.1.3 from your iPhone or iDevice.  Do this by making the icons jiggle by holding any one down.

Delete the new version of Carbonite
3. Tap the little X in the upper left corner of the Carbonite app. Then confirm Delete when prompted.  You will not loose any data already backed up to your Carbonite account, only the settings on your iPhone. i.e. login information and backup settings, which are very easy to enter back in.

Press the X and the Carbonite app will be deleted
4. Now on your computer open iTunes, from the sidebar select Apps.  If your Sidebar is hidden you can press CTRL+S (Windows) to show it, or CMD+S (Mac).

Open iTunes and locate...
5. Locate Carbonite app in your library on the right side, when you locate it click on it then click delete on your keyboard or you can right click it then select delete.

Delete the new Carbonite app from your library
6. Once it has been deleted go ahead and empty your Recycle Bin or trash, just in case... Then drag the Carbonite app you download from in step 1 from your desktop into your library.  Or from iTunes goto File>Add File to Library, select the file and click OK.

7. Now it is time to connect your iPhone or iDevice.  If you do not have iTunes setup to automatically sync, you need to choose it to be installed from iTunes.  To do this click on your device in iTunes on the sidebar.

Reconnect your iPhone
8. Then select Apps from the top sub-menu.  Locate the Carbonite app, then click install.

Locate Add to Library in iTunes
9. Carbonite should now be installing on your iPhone if not you may have to select Sync.

10. Lastly open up Carbonite and login with your email and password. That is it! Done!  And maybe leave the app open and sync everything missed since the updated version was installed.


Questions or comments?  Feel free to leave them below.

Carbonite 3.0.5.ipa
Version: 3.0.5
6.8 MiB

Dave Wigstone
This article was written by Dave Wigstone

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  • Sue J

    Thanks a bunch!!!

  • Elizabeth

    When I try to install the older version iTunes says I am not authorized to do so. It tells me to authorize my computer under the store menu but it is already authorized. Any thoughts? Thanks

    • davewigstone

      Elizabeth, try to install with iFunbox. I have not confirmed this to work yet, but will hopefully get a chance to try tonight. You can try yourself if you’d like, you can find the link below. If it works/doesn’t please reply back. Thanks

      • Elizabeth

        Hi there, I did try installing with iFunbox… The app appeared to install on my iPhone with no problem but then when I click it, a pop up asked for my itunes user and password. After entering it, the app just closes, I’m assuming because the verification isn’t correct. Any other ideas? The main reason I have carbonite is to back up my videos! Lame.

        • davewigstone

          I have done a little more research in an attempt to help you with this. Some ideas I have found were:
          If you are on a Mac and use TimeMachine, you should be able to get the older version from your TimeMachine backup.
          If are using Carbonite to backup your computer, and it was set to backup your iTunes folder, you may be able to locate it from your Carbonite backup ( I know this is a long shot, though ). I’ll reply again if I find anything else that may help.

  • keith

    any update on how to do this without funbox? thanks

    • Dave

      No work around has been found at this time. Check your recycle bin for your (apple) signed copy, or if you have backup software running, an older version may be found in the backup…

      • keith

        is there a way i can grab my daughters older version off her ipod touch if i connect it to itunes on my pc? (we share the same apple id too)

        • Dave

          Yes that should work! But before you connect her iPod, move Carbonite from your library, to the desktop, for example (just in case). When you connect her iPod, it will copy the older version to your library. Then delete Carbonite from your device, connect your device to your computer then add it back on with the instructions above. Once you’ve confirmed everything OK delete the newer version from your desktop, then copy the “old” version to a safe place (in case it happens again). Good luck!

          • keith

            but i already deleted carbonite from my phone so there is nothing to move, kinda confused

          • keith

            what library are you speaking of?

          • Dave

            Let me see if I can help.
            1. Delete Carbonite from your iTunes library. (make sure you select “move to Recycle/Trash”) Step 4 & 5 above.
            2. Connect your daughters iPod to your computer, sync and transfer purchases. Right click your device in the sidebar, select sync. Once complete right click the device name again and select transfer purchases, your system maybe setup to do this automatically, but just to be sure. (see attached image below for reference)
            3. Connect your iPhone to your computer and add Carbonite to your iPhone. Starting from step 7 above.
            Let me know if you have any other questions

          • keith

            ok i did it but differently…i first deleted the new version again from my iphone and itunes. Then i also connected her ipod and dragged synched it up and then dragged and dropped her version of carbonite into mine somehow, kinda crazy but it worked and its synching now! thanks again for your time

          • Dave

            OK glad you got it worked out!

            No problem!