Since Carbonite Discontinued Mobile Backup, What Can I Use Now?

Late last year, around the time of the announcement of Apple’s new iPhone 5S, Carbonite quietly pushed an update down for there mobile app.  This update removed the ability to backup images and video via the Carbonite app, for iPhone devices only!  This not only upset me but has upset many others as well, with many tweets to @Carbonite via Twitter as well as posts to there Facebook page.

While I was very lucky to be able to retrieve a backup of the old version, there were many others who weren’t.  So if happened to you, I have found a very nice free alternative.

This app is called Mega.  Mega gives free users 50GB of space in the cloud to backup anything, but the iPhone app also allows you to automatically backup images and video.  Yes, really, automatic!  In the settings you can tell the app to backup your new created images and video when you change location!  So you go to a party or “get together” as us adults call it, take a bunch of photos of your friends, then when you get home, your iPhone will automatically start uploading all these beautiful images to your free cloud account.

Mega is available in the App Store.

And for those of you with massive storage requirements, Mega offers multiple PRO plans which boast up to 4TB of storage and 96TB of bandwidth!  For a small monthly/annual fee of course.

Have you tried MEGA?  What do you think about it?  I’d love to hear about it, leave a comment!