Carbonite: Discontinue photo and video fix

Carbonite: “We have discontinued the mobile photo and video backup feature for iOS devices”

I use Carbonite to backup my home system, which currently holds quite a bit of data.  But as a plus when I signed up for this I found out that I could install an app on my iPhone and backup all my images and video as well!  What?  Sweet!  So for the past three or so years I have relied on Carbonite to backup my iPhone as well as my computer.  Not even having to worry about it.

Side note:  I am a fanatic about keeping redundancies with my photos, because as you all know, those memories can’t be recreated.

Just recently I found that with my iPhone 5 I could setup a location based backup.  So basically when I got home all my photos and videos that I shot that day would be automatically backed up.  What a wonderful feature!  So I set it up a couple weeks ago and it has worked flawlessly, capturing all my memories in the cloud!

Today at the office I saw an update available for Carbonite, and I think, they are probably just rolling out some changes for iOS7 as many other of my apps have been doing for weeks now.


Then I get home and wanting to browse some pics that I deleted from my iPhone, I open my Carbonite app and get this:



WTF!  Really?  So I hop on Twitter and send @Carbonite a message, asking what was going on. (No response yet…)

After putting the boy to bed and assembling a new rig, I get to thinking…. Whenever an app updates and I sync with my computer the old version ends up in my Recycle Bin (yes I run Windows 7 on my Mac),  so I go and hook it up and sure enough it does as I remembered.  Sitting there in the Recycle Bin is the last version of the app!  So I move it to the desktop, delete it from iTunes, delete it from my iPhone and then re-add it to my device.  Launch it, login and sure enough the app wants to upload all my photos and video!  Awesome!


Problem solved!

If you need to download the older version you can find it below. Enjoy!

For those at Carbonite reading this post, I do love the service provided and  have recommended it to many of my customers over the years, but this was a serious fail, in my opinion, if this feature is added back feel free to hit me up on Twitter @davewigstone.

Update 2:  I found an awesome free app to use, as an alternative.

Carbonite 3.0.5.ipa
Version: 3.0.5
6.8 MiB