Carbonite: “We have discontinued the mobile photo and video backup feature for iOS devices”

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I use Carbonite to backup my home system, which currently holds quite a bit of data.  But as a plus when I signed up for this I found out that I could install an app on my iPhone and backup all my images and video as well!  What?  Sweet!  So for the past three or so years I have relied on Carbonite to backup my iPhone as well as my computer.  Not even having to worry about it.

Side note:  I am a fanatic about keeping redundancies with my photos, because as you all know, those memories can’t be recreated.

Just recently I found that with my iPhone 5 I could setup a location based backup.  So basically when I got home all my photos and videos that I shot that day would be automatically backed up.  What a wonderful feature!  So I set it up a couple weeks ago and it has worked flawlessly, capturing all my memories in the cloud!

Today at the office I saw an update available for Carbonite, and I think, they are probably just rolling out some changes for iOS7 as many other of my apps have been doing for weeks now.


Then I get home and wanting to browse some pics that I deleted from my iPhone, I open my Carbonite app and get this:



WTF!  Really?  So I hop on Twitter and send @Carbonite a message, asking what was going on. (No response yet…)

After putting the boy to bed and assembling a new rig, I get to thinking…. Whenever an app updates and I sync with my computer the old version ends up in my Recycle Bin (yes I run Windows 7 on my Mac),  so I go and hook it up and sure enough it does as I remembered.  Sitting there in the Recycle Bin is the last version of the app!  So I move it to the desktop, delete it from iTunes, delete it from my iPhone and then re-add it to my device.  Launch it, login and sure enough the app wants to upload all my photos and video!  Awesome!


Problem solved!

If you need to download the older version you can find it below. Enjoy!

For those at Carbonite reading this post, I do love the service provided and  have recommended it to many of my customers over the years, but this was a serious fail, in my opinion, if this feature is added back feel free to hit me up on Twitter @davewigstone.

Update 2:  I found an awesome free app to use, as an alternative.

Carbonite 3.0.5.ipa
Version: 3.0.5
6.8 MiB

Dave Wigstone
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  • Tony F

    I too am disappointed that they discontinued mobile syncing of videos and images. I just subscribed to this service a few months ago and have been bragging to others about it who also joined. Now, I don’t have much to brag about. 🙁

  • David K

    I also tweeted my disappointment to them.

  • Kevin Boyles

    They told me it was “…due to the recent changes within the iOS platform. These changes caused a poor user experience for Carbonite Mobile on iOS.”

    • davewigstone

      I think, they did some quick math after iPhone 5s/c was released (9m sold) and found with the amount of media people currently store, it would cost them $$, to continue to offer the service. Especially with higher quality video and images (8MP) with the 5s/c.

      • Kevin Boyles

        Maybe. But then copy them off your phone at home and back them up that way (yeah, I know, how many are really going to do that…). Whatever and why ever, it is most certainly cost related. It sure isn’t about the user experience. The only “poor user experience” i have had so far was when they turned the functionality off on me.

      • Charles Caldwell

        I doubt this since Android has more users than iPhone (some with pretty high MP cameras) and the backup functionality is still active on the Android app.

        • Dave

          Very interesting Charles! Thanks for the info. Just curious, how hard is it to roll back to an older app version on Android? Apple (as you know) has us pretty locked down.

          • Charles Caldwell

            Manually installing an app on Android (or “side loading” as some refer to it as) is built into Android. There is just a setting to switch off and then you can download any app from the internet on your device, go to the download folder, and click on it. Nothing to it. That is how there are so many third-party app stores out there. (It is also how Android gets viruses and malware.)

            However, I doubt Carbonite will remove this feature from the Android version anytime soon (if at all). There are many companies that have had to remove functionality from their iOS apps (like Amazon removing the ability to buy e-books in their Kindle app) due to conflicts with Apple and yet have kept the functionality in the Android apps.

            I was pretty shocked this evening when I went to install the Carbonite app on my wife’s iPhone and saw it didn’t have the same back-up feature I had on my Nexus 7. I’m even more surprised that Carbonite seems to be so silent on the issue. I’m sticking with the company’s services but I’m still disappointed. Maybe the nearly 100 one star reviews on the latest version will convince them to take a second shot at it.

          • Dave

            Charles- Very interesting! Thanks for the well written (and informative) reply!
            Yes I do hope they add this ability back soon and I am also surprised how quiet they were about it!

  • Joel Wiese

    Another way to deal with this is get a free Dropbox account. It will sync your files to the cloud, then to your computer and finally, Carbonite will without issue back them up.

    • Sue J

      It looks like the free Dropbox account is only 2 GB. That wouldn’t begin to be big enough for all my photos…..

      • Joel Wiese

        Here’s how I got around that… I keep inviting people to Dropbox and they give you extra GB. When the files show up on my computer at home, I drag them out and put them where I keep my pictures and videos so that all my stuff is together in one place. Perhaps this isn’t practical for everyone, but it has worked well for me

      • Joel Wiese

        That way my Dropbox doesn’t get full of files, leaving room to sync up new photos/videos.

  • Sue J

    I am also very disappointed they suddenly removed this feature. Thanks for explaining how to get the older version back on my iphone. But I’m not very tech savvy (obviously) and I don’t understand the last step. After I get the older version on my desktop (I have a Windows PC) how exactly do I “re-add it” to my iPhone? thanks for the help!

    • davewigstone

      Sue- I am working on a step by step, as I type. Should have it posted by the end of the day. I’ll reply again once it’s up.

    • davewigstone

      That took less time than I thought it would 🙂 Find the how-to below

      • Sue J

        Thank you very much!

        • davewigstone

          You’re welcome!

  • Tony

    Hi Dave – thanks for the great instructions and the file link. I tried to use it but it wouldn’t install since the apple IDs don’t match. Is there any other workaround? I lost the original 3.0.5.ipa off my iPad unfortunately….

    • Good question! Check your recycle bin or trash (Mac). When apps update/sync the old version usually ends up there. If so use that Carbonite app, in place of the one I posted. Everything else should be the same.

    • davewigstone

      Tony, try to install the app with iFunbox. I have not confirmed this to work, but worth a try if you don’t have the original ipa.

    • Elizabeth

      Hi Tony,

      I am having the same problem. Did you find a solution? Thanks.

  • Barry Griffiths

    My ios devices use photo stream, uploading pics and videos to iCloud, which then get pushed to my Mac and subsequently backed up to both my NAS at home and my Carbonite backup.

    • Tim Galloway

      Not videos Barry, only your photos.

  • keith

    any update on how to install this yet so no id and pw is needed? thanks

    • Dave

      Keith, Unfortunately I have been unable to find an alternative. Look in your Trash or Recycle Bin, iTunes places the old versions here once you sync with your computer. If it’s there you can use that one.

  • Rich A

    I have added the file to my 5s using Funbox but when I try to launch, it asks me to sign in using an existing apple ID or to create a new one. When I put in my apple ID, it ends and brings me back to my home screen.

    • Dave

      Rich, yes while I hoped this would work for others it has not, sorry. But I found another Free app that works as well (or better) than Carbonite, which you can find here,

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