Cars, gasoline and MPG’s | My Experiences II

OK so after a nice relaxing week in West Palm Beach, I was excited to come home and see my Scangauge II had come while I was gone (WooHoo).

So I did what every male does, install it…then read the directions.  So I just had some city driving to do, errands and such.  And while driving to my local Target, my car died, but then started up, while driving??  Then while pulling into the lot it died again.  OK so my battery has been giving me issues lately, not this bad, but noticeable.  So after getting it started finally, I drive over to my local Car-X and get a new battery put in, cost of ownership ($120), I guess.

OK so back to the Scangauge II, I installed it in literally about 8 minutes, wires hidden and all! (Pics soon) While driving it was reading 24mpg avg, hence the manual comes in-  After playing with some settings the new average was 36mpg city (oops forgot to change the 2.5L default to my 1.6L).  So yes it works and well, but apparently I may have to do some calibrating to get the trip avg. mpg to come up more accurately.  But my adventure begins.  Can’t wait to see what my drive to work tomorrow gets!

Also before I left for vacation I did some weight reduction, pics coming soon, of what I pulled out.