Engine Off Coasting! Fuel Injector shut-off for MPG with EOC | 1996 Honda Civic EX

So I have added a new mod to my 1996 Honda Civic EX.  Well, rather changed an existing one.

Previously I had added a toggle switch to shut-off my engine without using my key, which switched off my fuel pump.  While it was effective, it took time for the fuel to burn out of the line, and the bump or key-starts after were trying at times.

So I am always looking for new or better ways to improve my FE (fuel economy).  I found a post from ecomodder.com from a fellow, hyper-miler, with my series of Civic.  He posted a great article about how he added a switch to turn off his fuel injector relay, for a quick and almost instant shut-off.

Wow!  What a great idea, it’ll kill my engine instantly, and starts will be clean and easy.  So rather than running new wires and drilling a new hole in my dash I re-purposed my fuel shut-off and ran it to the ground on the FI relay.  After two days of use, it is working perfectly!

My only complaint is that my ScanGauge II doesn’t start recording properly until the switch is turned back “on.”  With the fuel pump shut off, I did not have that issue.  But it is a just a minor change in my daily driving routine.

So for the install I needed to remove my glove box and outer panel on the passenger side of the car.  Not hard, but the wires, in my opinion, to short.  With most mods I do I want to make sure that in an emergency I can put it back with 10 minutes of time.  So I added some pigtails to attach my quick connects to, attached in such a way I could easily disconnect and bypass the switch.

So after pulling the wires, while reconnecting the fuel pump via the same bypass as above, everything was perfect, minus the removed panels, also mentioned above.

I did a test run yesterday with the pooch and she seemed more nervous than me, or maybe she was cold??   But it went smooth, as well as my drive into the office today.

Although my SG is reporting low numbers, which is either from the extreme drop on my intake temp (it got cold), or my SG calibration.  I’d says about 10% is from the SG, from earlier runs, but again I am still working with the new setup.